It was $6 at Kroger. I couldn’t resist. A limited release as well. Hot dog! Now I’m glad it’s warm outside and too warm to be drinking winter blends. Nah, the temperature outside seldom influences what I drink unless it’s 100 degrees. I’m just glad this is a limited release because this is worth about what I paid for it.
Now Barefoot is a wine that jumps around in price. I’ve seen it for $10.99 and on sale for $4 depending on the varietal and most likely depending on how many cases the store sprung for.
This is almost syrupy wine. Sweet. I was trying to find a flavor to describe it and it was Robotussin. Cherry-flavored Robotussin. I’ve bought Barefoot before liked it but it’s usually the Merlot or the Cab. This wine isn’t one of the 33 flavors they feature on their website. They don’t list this one at all.
So, I’m glad Kroger could bring the price down. If I had paid $9.99 I would be upset about now.


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