André Farjon Cotes du Rhone La Devèze 2007
I t’s debate night and we need a wine. I used to say “it’s date night and we need a wine” but then Mr. Ben came along and date night became something that happens when Grandpa and Grandma comes to visit. For the first debate we opened two wines, one representing each candidate. The 47 Pound Chicken Zinfandel (Rex Goliath) wasn’t so good but it’s candidate did real well. The Democratic Apothic Red was very good but its candidate took a nice long snooze.
A quick inventory of the wine rack revealed there were slim pickings. Not going to have two wines tonight. I have a 1987 bottle of Pat Paulsen Refrigerator White. Nope. A bottle of cranberry wine. Nope. A bottle of Jarhead Red. Nope, I’m saving that for Veteran’s Day. Then we remembered the wines we tucked away in the top of the china cabinet. It’s kind of cool to pull out a bottle from up there because the bottles aren’t all covered with dust and speckles of dried milk that Mr. Ben spilt near the big wine rack.
Up there we found a Cotes du Rhone la Devèze 2007. I got no clue where this came from. I thought maybe it was from a wine tasting at Wine World since they have French wine seminars on a regular basis. Nope. I don’t find it in my wine database from event’s we covered and wines we reviewed.
This might be a wine Dennis gave us some time back. Generally when Dennis gives us a wine we treat it special and put it away… like the china cabinet. I dunno.
But it was red and looked good. We took a look on the internet and found the price for this wine to be from around $12 to 19 so it’s not quite cheap bastard wine but I don’t believe letting wine go to waste to I thought it best to pull it down. I might have bought it on sale.
When looking for a price we found some reviews that basically says fruity at the start and goes dry.

André Farjon Cotes du Rhone La Devèze
André Farjon Cotes du Rhone La Devèze
So we started our own debate. When first opened this wine smells like a sweet Rosé. Mrs. Dan agrees with me on this. No debate.
The first sip was very fruity almost sweet for about 1/2 second then drops off so dry that it makes you perk up. If I tried this wine at a blind tasting I know I would say this is a French wine. Tannins or minerals? I think tannins. If it breathes awhile I suspect tannins will mellow. Minerals kinda stick around.
The color of this wine is a dark crimson that is clear and not opaque. Judging by the clarity I would suspect no oak has touched it.
Time to continue the debate. This wine is tasting pretty good but the super dryness kinda says “food wine.” It was nibble night so the countertop was covered with plastic containers filled with leftovers and chunks of cheese. I pulled out my secret weapon. Spam. I bought a can of Spam last week because it was on sale. I haven’t had Spam since I camped as a Boy Scout. I don’t remember it being so salty. It does go fairly well with this wine. Mrs. Dan said yuck and kept away from the Spam. She went for the dark chocolate. Hmmm. She didn’t like it.
I then tried it with a hotdog with catsup and mustard Mr. Ben didn’t finish. I can say this is a great hot dog wine. Mrs; Dan tried with the Asiago cheese and it tasted wonderful.
Now two hours later the debate has started and this wine has opened up nicely. The nice fruit flavors are more apparent and not being suppressed by the tannins. The Grenache is coming through nicely. Nice dark fruits. The label says “the vines used for this wine are over 30 years old. Bright red cherry fruit and notes of damson keep the wine fresh and juicy. 2007 is one of the best vintages the Southern Rhone has seen and our Cotes-du-Rhone is a fine example of the quality produced in that year.” I can see the damson plum flavor.
Is this wine perfect to my American palate? No but it is a nice wine that I could enjoy once a week just because it is different from American wines. I also noticed that the winery has been taken over by his son and the son of one of André Farjon’s collaborators. I’ll keep an eye out for a newer vintage. I also saw pictures from their winery and it looks like they use cement tanks, which is fairly common in France so I would imagine that oak is not being used.
Okay the Presidential Debate is over. If this was the first debate I would say it was a draw. But since it’s the third for the presidential candidates I would have to give an edge to President Obama since he was so much better than the first debate when he took a nice long nap.
But having said that it opened nicely I left some in a glass open for about 20 minutes and it might have breathed a bit too much. A bit more acidic. Almost sharp fruit like a hint of cranberry. But just out of the bottle nice and dark and full of flavor. Maybe a bit acidic but still enjoyable.
Debate over. This wine wins.
From: Rhône Valley, France
Year: 2007


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