A Great Valentine Wine
Uncensored-A Great Valentine Wine

Geyser Peak Uncensored 2010

O kay, it was for Valentine’s Day. Yes I sometimes buy wines over $10. This one grabbed my eye as I was looking for something for Mrs. Dan for Valentine’s Day. Face it, sometimes wine is better than chocolate.

This wine was featured at Ninth Street’s First Inshop tasting of the year. I wrote it was the winner of the night. It was the winner tonight as well. I bragged to Mrs. Dan that I bought something more than $10 and she said “and so you should.” It was delivered with “that look.”

 I like this wine. It’s a red blend and a well made one t that. I’ve already liked Geyser Peak’s wine. This though is a bit off their normal path. Most of their labels are white but this one is black and name “Uncensored” is tilted looks like it was exposed after the paper was ripped open.

Mrs. Dan pointed out that this wine is more floral on the nose than she would expect. What I smelled was more like chocolate. As for the taste I would say it has hints of chocolate. Its got nice dense fruit flavors. It doesn’t say but I think it might have spent some time in some oak.

The label says “Experience wine Uncensored. Our winemaker took an untethered approach to create a rich, Merlot-based red blend to tantalize your taste buds. Ripe raspberry, tart pomegranate, succulent blackberry, dark chocolate, roasted bacon, and a whiff of toasted marshmallow doused with vanilla bean.” Ah, vanilla bean. That was the flavor I was trying to identify. Succulent blackberry? You bet. This is one juicy wine.

All I know is I think I found a good wine when times call for something more for $10.

Today also reminded me how lucky I am to have someone in my life like Mrs. Dan. She is my valentine.
From: Geyserville, California
Winery: Geyser Peak
Cost: $14.99
Year: 2010


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