Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Edna Valley, California | Edna Valley Vineyard.
I never thought I would be a dad. I had pretty much given up that thought. Then I found Mrs. Dan. Then we were blessed with Mr. Ben.

Today was one of those days I’m so grateful to be a dad. I am blessed. It was a great Father’s Day. I spend the day building a Kreo Battleship with Mr. Ben, had hot dogs outside with my feet sitting in a wading pool, took a nap in the afternoon breeze with only occasional interruptions from Mr. Ben who had already lost a few parts to the battleship and simply relaxed.

Actually it was more of an extended Dad’s Day that started last weekend. Mr. Ben was so excited about the “water park” he planned that he couldn’t keep it a secret and we started celebrating last weekend. The water park included a Slip N’ Slide, a Turbo Sprinkler, a water arch and a wading pool. On Saturday Mrs. Dan mowed the yard while I was away on work. Ben might be the reason why I get to celebrate Dad’s Day but Mrs. Dan is the reason I can celebrate my blessings every day.

Now everyone is in bed and the house is quiet. Time to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Of course to me having a nice glass of wine usually means spending under $10. For this wine I’m doubly happy. I bought this Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon on our recent trip to Florida. It was buy one get one free at Publix ($12 was the original so with the 2 for 1 it was 6 per bottle plus some had $1 off coupon so I go them for $5). We’ve enjoyed the two bottles we bought this week.

This wine is a definitely a cab. I think its a nice sipper and but iffy as a food wine. I tried some last night with some simple broiled chicken with peppery seasoning. And it didn’t pair so well.

The aromas are blackberry to me. A bit acidic and dry on the finish. Well the finish….. It leaves my tongue dry but the sides of my mouth are gushing. Tried it with some crumbled basil and tomato feta cheese and it fared much better. I rummaged around and found some carving board style roast beef and it paired with it fairly well. So, don’t serve this wine with chicken.

The label says “Our Cabernet Sauvignon is grown mainly in Paso Robles, in northern San Luis Obispo County just north of our Edna Valley Vineyard winery. This warm growing region is ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon because it creates rich flavors of blackberry pie with chocolate and coffee overtones. The finish is round with a hint of spicy oak This is the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon to serve with grilled or roasted meats.”

So, stick with the roasted meats. As for now, it’s a nice little wine for the end of a good day, and a good evening.


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