Tin Barn Zinfandel 2007. Very nice vintage
Tin Barn Zinfandel 2007. Very nice vintage

Tin Barn Russian River Valley Zinfandel 2007 | Russian River Valley, California

M rs. Dan was proud she found two new wines for under $10 for me to try. This one was good. The other, well… that’s for another review.

Tin Barn Vineyards Russian River Valley Zinfandel. This wine is a 2007 vintage. Kinda old when most of the vintages on the local shelves don’t go back past 2011.

This one hit right on the mark. Mrs. Dan was getting arm cramps patting herself on the back on this one. Nice and full bodied. Probably one of the heaviest bodied wines I’ve had in a while. Kinda smokey. The kind of dark zin you get from old vines. The website says these are 65-year-old vines… well they were 60-year-old when this was produced.

I want to say there is a hint black pepper. I loved this wine with a bit of salami we had.

I visited their website and the only tasting notes for this Gilsson Vineyard Zin was from 2012. Lots of things change over a 5 year period. One line in their 2012 tasting notes struck me: “Consistent with previous vintages, our 2012 displays a deep garnet color, lush velvety mouthfeel, and long seductive finish.”

“Consistent with previous vintages. If the 2012 is like the 2007 then they have a winner. And the best part is this wine obviously cellars well. I just have to wonder how this one showed up at the store and at under $10. I guess someone was clearing out a warehouse and thought it was too old to sell at SRP. Their price on their website is $29. Mrs. Dan knows I would have a coronary if she paid $29 for a bottle of wine. I need to go back and see if any more of this is available.

Good wine. I would love to serve this to friends and family.
Their Website: Tin Barn Vineyards


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