Roanoke Rail House Loose Caboose
Roanoke Rail House Loose Caboose great to drink and make beer butt chicken

Roanoke Railhouse Loose Caboose Imperial Lager
It was a rush rush morning. Finished up a soccer game Mr. Ben was in then raced home for the noon kickoff of the Auburn-Arkansas game. I had hoped to get back in time to prep a beer butt chicken before kick off.

With beer butt chicken you need wine or beer to help cook the bird from the inside. I had a 22oz bottle of Roanoke Railhouse Loose Caboose I bought in Roanoke in September 2011. I brought back this and a couple of bottles of their Track 1. I shared the Track 1 with Mark and Brett last Fall. I kept waiting for a good time to review it. Roanoke has been known as a railroad town since it was founded back in 1885. It was the home of the Norfolk & Western before it merged with the Southern back in the 80’s. I spent a lot of time waiting for trains at crossings for 10 years.

Today was the day to review this brew. Since Mark or Brett weren’t around to help me with a 22 ouncer I thought this might be a good one to use to fill the beer can in the chicken’s butt and have plenty left to enjoy (you only fill the can up about half way).

Loose Caboose
Loose Caboose

This has a really nice copper color. It has spices that remain me of a nice Belgium Ale. Malty with nice balanced hops. And not bitter hops.

I visited their website and they don’t mention this brew. So it’s either a seasonal or one-time deal. Shame if it was a one-time deal. Nice brew. And it has kept really nice for a year. I had hoped to visit their brewery when I was in Roanoke last year.

When I lived in Roanoke some 20 years ago having a local craft brew would have been pretty difficult because of the bizarre ABC laws they used to have. I also remember at the time drinking nothing but Killian’s and Miller Genuine Draft.

The label says “This imperial lager has a strong malt backbone with plenty of hop flavor and aromas, while remaining smooth and balanced. It has a beautiful copper-gold color with a creamy lasting head that leaves an lacing effect in the glass.” Reading that description makes me wish I had another hiding the little fridge.

This brew was much better than the Auburn game. I just soon not talk about it.

I wish the beer butt chicken had been ready before the brew was gone. I think it would paired nicely with it. If you are interested I used a 5lb chicken, had about 5 oz. of Loose Caboose with some rosemary added from the garden. I used a Bomb Lager can that I put in the freezer to chill and forgot. All I salvaged was the can. I injected the bird with some garlic creole seasoning and rubbed the outside with some Road Kill Grill Critter Rub someone had given me. I wrapped the legs and wings with some bacon and put it on the grill at 350-400 degrees for about 1 hour 15. I’m still learning how to adjust my new grill. The temperature bounced all around. I’m kind of glad it jumped up to 500 briefly because not long after that I ran out of gas.

Bottomline, this was one nice juicy bird. We enjoyed it sitting on the patio outside celebrating Michigan’s big win over Purdue. The Wolverines saved the day for this house. Back to the brew.

The sad part is I’m writing a review for a beer that might not be available any more. With any luck this brew will pop up again. Their site says their brews are available in Virginia and North Carolina with Raleigh being about the closest. I reviewed their Track 1 last year. Wouldn’t it be nice if their brews and the Loose Caboose made this far South. Yeah, and Auburn’s gonna win the SEC West.
From: Roanoke, Virginia
Brewery: Roanoke Railhouse


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