Above: The Fence Post sample and  the Brown Ale at right.


I’m at Auburn with my brother. I’m sipping on a good Alabama brew.. Good People Brown Ale. I decided to use my iPhone to do by posting today.

I also saw Back Forty Fence Post Session Ale on tap. The bartender here at the Halftime sports bar brought me a sample. I would have done well with either.

The Brown Ale is toasty but isn’t as heavy as many brown ales. Light and hint of smoothness at the start but jumps to a light bitter finish that lingers forever.

The Fence Post reminds me of a Belgium trippel. But to be honest a 2 oz pour is let enough. Has a hint of a pecan flavor but then again that might be lingering flavors from the Brown Ale. What the heck, our lunch has arrived. I think I’ll have a full glass of the Fence Post.

So, what’s the “praying” about in this headline. We got no tickets to the game and need to find 2. Otherwise I will be free this afternoon to try some of the other 30 or so taps they have here.

I wanted to try the Fence Post because most of the brewers there are Auburn grads.

The Fence Post ale is a nice straw color


The Fence Post tap handle


The pope of Auburn saves the soul of this bulldog


One prayer answered. We have tickets


This tailgating party can reuse this name in 2 weeks.

 Everybody in the stadium is texting or emailing or checking scores. I got a signal but can’t post any updates. Guess I’ll have to wait. This is a great game. 


All my prayers were answered.

Charlie and I celebrate the 43-38 victory over the Bulldogs


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