Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon
Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon

Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
I was in a particular cheap mood. Mr. Ben decided to be helpful and opened his own door to get in the car. A gust of wind grabbed it and dingo, the edge of the door left quite the ding on of all things, a Mercedes. If this had been an American car it probably would have done nothing. But because of the low slung doors of the Mercedes it left a gash above the handle.

I am a Boy Scout to a fault. I left a note with my phone number. I’m meeting with the owner at a repair shop to get her door fixed.

So, I was in a cheap mood because that little ding, which left Mr. Ben crying his heart out because he loves cars so much, will probably eat up my Christmas money.

We are encouraged by the parenting books to say “accidents happen” and put on a happy face. What he’s learning is that some accidents are more expensive than others.

So we were at Sam’s Club to find Mrs. Dan favorite blue cheese dressing. She was quite disappointed that in the new remodeled Sam’s that they don’t have room for that brand. Me. I saw a new wine for less than $7 and thought if I need to start rescuing Christmas I better do it sooner than later. I thought it best to go real cheap as I have recently been splurging on some $9.99 wines.

As I’ve said many times before I have a warm spot in my heart for Chilean wines after winning the Xplorador Wine Harvest contest last year. Unfortunately the grand prize, a trip to the spring harvest, was canceled after the earthquake. I’m hoping one day to go and see the harvest but for now I settle for drinking their wines.

Nice little wine. Mrs. Dan really liked it saying it was much more floral that the last wine we’ve had. I assumed when she said “floral” she meant on the nose but she said “I can’t smell anything because of allergies. It tastes floral.” After my bewildered look she responded “I taste plants. It’s herby. I like it.”

This wine is much more subtle on the palate than most Cabs I have. Not overdrawn and wildly fruity like a California Cab. I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I sort of remember saying that last week. Dry, nice smooth finish. I let it breath for a while and it opened up and started to be a bit more fruit forward. We had it with cheap hot dogs I got for 1 cent at Publix a couple of weeks ago. What goes with this food? I checked out their web site and the bottle.

Okay, so the web site is a wee-bit dated. They are still describing the 2005 vintage. (The parent company has another site that is mostly Spanish with some English tasting notes tossed in… but without mentioning the vintage). The bottle is pretty generic about what foods to pair. You could say “grilled or roasted meats and cheeses” with all the Cabs from Chile. That’s why I appreciate the Chilean Winemakers group that sponsors many of the virtual wine tastings we “attend.” They send recipes and even spices that help prepare foods that pair perfectly with their wines. None of this generic “grilled meats”.

I digress.

The bottle says “This opulent red combines harmoniously intense berry fruit flavors with fresh minty tones for a truly unique flavor: the expression of Chile. This wine pairs well with a variety of meats (grilled or roasted), cheeses or simply on its own.”

That’s the second wine I’ve tried recently that mentioned “mint” in the tasting notes. I looked back and it was the Vino de Eyzaguirre Cabernet Sauvignon from the same valley. Looks like mint is a typical flavor in the Colchagua Valley. I also said that wine wasn’t as over the top as a California Cab. I guess I need to stop drinking California Cabs.

The grilled meat was hot dogs and it paired nicely. Mrs. Dan also said they tasted great with the Cheetos (the crunchy kind) that she stole off Mr. Ben’s plate. We sat outside because for the first time in two months it was pleasant around sunset. Too nice to be inside.

Not a great fantabulous wine but for $6.78 I would say it was worth more than the price. I just took another sip and it seemed a bit more tart or acidic. Maybe the hot dog was wearing off. I rushed to the fridge and pulled out what was left of a summer sausage. I nibbled on it and the acidic tartness was gone.

Summer sausages are more “stuff” than meat. They’ve got enough salt and nitrates to survive a Nuclear Winter. I’m hoping this one is a survivor. If you don’t see a post from me in the next few days it was probably because of the Summer Sausage. I realized it was left over from June.
From: Colchagua Valley, Chile
Winery: Veo Grande (Viñedos Errázuriz Ovalle S.A)
– Established in 1992, Viñedos Errázuriz Ovalle S.A. is the single largest family owned Vineyard and Winery in Chile. Based in the Colchagua and Lontué Valleys, the estates of Viñedos Errázuriz Ovalle S.A. cover an extension of over 2,500 has. of tenderly cared vineyards in full production under drip irrigation. 2.000 has of this vineyards are located in the Colchagua Valley , in lands that have belonged to the family for the last 100 years at least.{WEB 1}–From their Website
Cost: $6.78
Year: 2009

Score: 3 Corks
Dan’s Rating System:

1 Cork: Use the bottle to roll out the ding on your car door.
2 Corks: Serve it with some of those strange foods served on a stick from Sam’s. If the wine tastes funny blame the food.
3 Corks: Sit back and enjoy a glass as the sun sets


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  1. Discovered this wine years ago and added 10 cases of 2006 to my wine cellar. The 2009 is excellent. Downside is the cork. Several good cork screws have succombed to this rugged stopper. Best value in an affordable cab.

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