CK Mondavi Field Blend
CK Mondavi Field Blend

CK Mondavi Field Blend 2008
T his nice little blend has pretty much become one of our daily wines. It’s big, it’s bold and nicely fits my price range. Tonight we had some while sweating out the Michigan-Virginia Tech game. We’ve been drinking a lot of the BotaBox RedVolution blend but this blend is a little drier, a bit more structure, a bit more interesting. The RedVolution fits my pocketbook better being it’s 3 liters at about the same price.

This is the first time I’ve bought a field blend. This particular one appears to be new to the market. It has popped up about everywhere in the 1.5L bottle. Someone at Summerville Ace told me they had to special order the 750ml for a customer. I bought this 1.5L at Vineyard for $9.99 which is cheaper than I’ve seen anywhere else and literally I’ve seen it everywhere I shop.

It’s a Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Syrah blend. Like I said this wine has some nice structure. A bit drier which makes it go nicely with some of the nibbles we had over the Holidays including some pepper encrusted salami and even some homemade hummus I made. This bottle actually lasted us a couple of days. It didn’t oxidize… well much. It still tasted good to me on the third day as it did on the first.

Nice black cherry flavors. Full-bodied, not super lush fruit but full of flavor. Nice soft finish.

Here’s a quote I found on their website. “While walking our vineyards, I recently had the idea to develop a new Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Petit Verdot-Syrah blend. With the backbone of a Cabernet, the finesse of a Merlot, the structure of Petit Verdot and the roundness of Syrah, this full-bodied wine offers flavors of black cherries and plums and ends in a soft, balanced finish. A quartet of complements for burgers on the grill, crock-pot stews, oven-roasted meats or to toast your family and friends. I guarantee this wine will soon become a favorite! –Marc C. Mondavi.

Dennis explained to me what a field blend is. Generally it’s where you pick a variety of grapes in the same vineyard and blend it pretty much on the spot. It sometimes denotes a less refined wine because you don’t have to take as much care since many varietals don’t ripen at the same time and you typically crush them together. But like the term “reserve” it probably doesn’t have much legal meaning and could just be a bunch of grapes blended after the fact.

So, it’s a winner for me and Mrs. Dan. And so is Michigan. I was glad to see Michigan win but I have to admit it was strange to root against Virginia Tech.

I have some fond memories of covering the Hokies when I worked as a news photographer for the Roanoke Times back in the 70s-80s. I remember covering Frank Beamer’s first game. I had a blast traveling to Atlanta to cover one of their appearances in the Peach Bowl. I was in press room during half time of the Virginia Tech-Memphis State basketball game (the Hokies pulled an upset and beat the newly No. 1 ranked Tigers) when then AD and football coach Bill Dooley predicted his brother Vince would leave Georgia and become head coach at Auburn….”When momma calls you run to the titty,” he said. Boy, was they prediction a bit off although Vince supposedly changed his mind as he stood to say he was going. Needless to say none of the locals picked up that quote. I remember hearing the gobbling scoreboard before Bill Dooley banished it and any depiction of their true gobbler mascot (no one knows what a Hokie is). One season a drink cup manufacturer misspelled it “Hoakie” on the souvenir drink cup and no one caught it before they accepted the order of about a million. Great memories.
From: California
Winery: CK Mondavi
Size: 1.5L
Year: 2008

Score: 3 Corks
Dan’s Rating System:
1 Cork: Hope you got it for Christmas so you can be thankful you didn’t waste money on it.
2 Corks: Give it for Christmas since you plan to keep the really good stuff for yourself.
3 Corks: Have a second glass. There’s plenty to go around.


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