Festival Ale with Pizza Central Pizza
Festival Ale with Pizza Central Pizza
SweetWater Festive Ale |Atlanta-USA
T here was some serious euchre to be played. There was a ton of yummy pizza from Pizza Central on the table. Mr. Brother-in-Law had arrived from the airport for Christmas and we needed a good Christmas brew to celebrate. I stopped by Gravity Growlers and sampled a couple and SweetWater’s Festive Ale won.
I’ve always noticed the 1 oz samples are a bit lighter in taste than the real thing. I think it’s the first zap out of the tap that is a bit more airy and foamy. I thought it might be more a true ale and less festive. But it wasn’t. This was more flavorful that I remembered. This might unseat Bell’s Christmas Ale as my favorite Christmas Ale (I got a review on that coming up). This is a nice brown brew. Smooth. Got the Christmas spice many have but it doesn’t jump into that dark dark range where the spices overpower the fact its a beer. I visited the website and it says “Winter Coat Season – A strong ale brewed with generous amounts of rich malt, coupled with a taint of cinnamon and mace to keep you warm and toasted all winter long We Double Dog Dare You.”
The sample didn’t seem like a 8.1% ABV brew. But a full glass served with pizza was definitely 8.1.
I saw “mace” in the description and wondering if there were police dogs around the corner but a quick Google search and I found that mace is a spice similar to nutmeg. This brew has very nice flavors but a slightly dry mouthfeel at times. The first sip is different from the second after the tastebuds get coated. A bit of pepperoni and it’s time to recoat the tastebuds.
I kinda wish the ABV was a bit lower so I could enjoy more of it without it impairing my Eucre playing. I let it warm up and the spice seem to come out more and that dryness I experienced went away. But I like it cold so I kept putting it back in the cooler.
This one is on Santa’s Nice List. I’m hoping it stays on tap into January. Time to start playing euchre. These in-laws play for keeps.
Brewery: SweetWater Brewery


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