The Tag from Gravity Growlers
The Tag from Gravity Growlers

Prairie Artisan Christmas Bomb |Tulsa, Oklahoma
W hen you are standing in line at the airport you shouldn’t discuss this beer. If you like nice spicy Christmas Stouts and get too excited talking about the “Christmas Bomb” you might get arrested.
Prairie Artisan Ales produced their Christmas Bomb again this year adding cinnamon bark for “that iconic holiday aroma and flavor.” Actually they have a year-round beer called Bomb! that they describe as “an imperial stout aged on espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chile peppers. All the flavors meld to create a truly unique beer. The peppers add just the right amount of heat to complement the intense coffee and chocolate flavors.”
They are simply spicing it up a bit more for the season. I got a growler at Gravity Growlers before Christmas. I took it to a neighborhood Christmas party and to be honest didn’t share a drop. This crowd was into wine. That night was like it is now about 65 degrees and humid. With 30 people in the house I took to the cooler deck outside.
This brew is definitely different as it warms up. I would like to find the Bomb! to compare because I didn’t pick up on the ancho chiles. It didn’t have any burn but the coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavors were intense. A very dark and intense beer. Nothing too bitter about this brew especially after it warms up. Maybe a hint of bitterness I detected early on was actually the chiles.
As I was drinking this Christmas dream I was distracted by one of the other party goer’s noticing that Mrs. Dan’s dress, which she purchased that day, was made of the exact same material as the cushion she was sitting on. Not similar but exactly the same. Now the hosts are Alabama fans and the material is supposed to be like Coach Bear Bryant’s houndstooth hat.
The Bear Bryant Christmas Party Dress
The Bear Bryant Christmas Party Dress

Some folks would be mortified by wearing the same fabric as the drapes or furniture. She couldn’t wait to put it on her Facebook page. It was pretty funny but now I’m mortified that my wife is wearing Bear Bryant’s hat.
The party was a couple of hours long. Everyone brought some really nice food. I brought a bottle of Expensive wine for Mrs. Dan which she enjoyed. More on Expensive wine later.
So, Christmas is past and so should the Christmas brews but alas I have more in the fridge to review. Next year when Christmas rolls around look out for Prairie Artisan’s Christmas Bomb. It is the bomb. Just don’t mention it at the airport.
These guys are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was founded by two brothers.


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