Dog Fish Head Immort Ale

I t is finally over. Halloween Madness. You see each year its not Halloween itself that is madness but it’s prepping for some Halloween contest that we are destined to enter. Mrs. Dan is a competitor at this. For the past 4 years she has dressed up poor Adobe-the-little-white dog in some costume (one year a chicken) and had Mr. Ben parade him across the stage at the annual CSRA Humane Society costume contest. We won a ribbon each year even winning Best-in-Show once.

This year she skipped the event to prepare for a prize that eluded her last year. The best Decorated Truck at our church’s Trunk or Treat. I was given my instructions and deadline to prepare a spinning prize wheel that she would have the kids play to win candy and prizes.

So, all Sunday and part of Monday and Tuesday I cut, and sawed and painted and glued and drilled this thing into shape. And tonight. We won. We got a $15 gift certificate after the little kids voted for us. (Never mind that there were 50% less trunks decorated this year). I might add that Mrs. Dan also dressed up a witch and even waved her wand she bought at Olivander’s Wand Shop at Universal Studios’ Harry Potter attraction in Orlando. Mrs. Dan came home to bask in her victory.

We put the 4 carved pumpkins out front and lit the candles for the 20 or so that dropped by. I have to admit that I’m proud of Mr. Ben and his choice for decorating his pumpkin. Ben said everyone had to have a pumpkin, even Moxey-the-dumbass cat and Adobe. (I refuse to carve a pumpkin for Ethel-the-bitch cat). He choose the US Navy Flight insignia that adorned war planes especially during WWII. He knows that heroes flew airplanes adorned with the insignia to keep us safe.

From left: Moxie and Adobe's pumpkin, Mr. Ben's pumpkin, Mrs. Dan's pumpkin, and my Pumpkin.
From left: Moxie and Adobe’s pumpkin, Mr. Ben’s pumpkin, Mrs. Dan’s pumpkin, and my Pumpkin.

Me, I did my own trick or treat and pulled out one of the last of the 55 different brews that I’ve been trying to finish since June. After tonight there are 3 left. Victory is at hand.

I pulled out the Immort Ale because it was kind of a Halloween brew since many scary mythical creatures are immortal.

This brew is a nice dark copper color. I’ve had it before. It’s one of those brews that have tons of flavor and sweetness that reeled in by some bitter hoppiness at the end. I say bitter but it’s not so strong that it totally flips the taste profile. It just kind of keeps the sweetness in check.

The label says “vast in character, luscious and complex, this smooth, full-bodied ale, reveals interwoven notes of maple, vanilla and oak.

Now when I first tasted it I was thinking more dark chocolate (the bitter kind), roasted dark malts leaning toward toffee or coffee. The alcohol by volume is at 11% but it didn’t seem to be that high. It has 50 IBU which is about right. Their web site says “Pour this over pancakes. ” That sounds interesting.

I was in the mood for this. It is very complex. I think I bought this brew back in March for Marks’ birthday extravaganza. It has kept nicely.

As I sip this brew I ponder about the “maple” on the label. The maple must be providing some of the sweetness and maybe a bit of the toffee flavor. The oak is a sure thing. Not necessarily as prominent as some of the oak-casked ales, but as one of the many complex things going on in this brew.

I like this brew. I’m also happy to report that the brewery is located in Milton, Delaware and they survived Sandy the Hurricane from Hell.

Well I got to get back to checking out Mr. Ben’s candy haul now that he’s asleep. I wouldn’t want him to eat too many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I might need to make sure they are okay… taste okay that is.
From: Milton, Delaware
Brewery: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales


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