Caminada at the beach.Caminada Chardonnay 2010, Argentina

Cost: $10-12

I had this beautiful little wine on my honeymoon, and it helped keep the magic alive. It’s a lively, vibrant wine with creamy fruit flavors.

Teri and I rented a beachfront house at Edisto Beach, S.C., for our honeymoon, cooking seafood and drinking wine most evenings. We broke out the Caminada the night we pan-friend flounder and it was a perfect combination.

Sunrise at Edisto Beach.

The apple, pineapple and vanilla flavors with just a touch of oak were a pleasant mouthfull with overpowering the tender flounder. Citrus, especially lemon, aromas add to the experience.

The grapes are grown at 3,200 feet elevation in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, giving the wine an elegance and minerality found in mountain grapes. It was aged in small French oak barrels.

Caminada Chardonnay

This is not a big, overblown Chardonnay, but one you can drink for all occasions. It’s simple, straight forward and pleasant. Serve it well chilled.

Winery: Caminada is a Mendoza, Argentina-based winery which gets it fruit from the mountains above the Uco Valley. It was launched in the U.S. market in the summer of 2010.

The Uco Valley vineyards are the highest in Mendoza, reaching up to 5,500 feet. The poor, rocky soils are ideal for producing great grape vines, making the vines struggle for nutrients.

The winery’s name comes from a step in the tango, the national dance of Argentina. The Caminada is a walk, “a seemingly simple but key step in the tango,” according to the winery. The winery says it embodies a similar philosophy: “focus on perfecting the simple parts and the result will be great.”

The label has a pop art rendition of a couple doing a sexy tango move. The next time I have one of their wines I will start playing some Carols Gardel CDs. He’s Argentina’s greatest tango legend. His music is sensuous.

The winery says Argentina’s two greatest contributions to the world are wine and tango, “both art forms that require passion and focus.”

The winery also make a wonderful Malbec for the same price. I had that with cheese, sitting on the deck of the rental house one evening, and it was strong, simple and elegant. They also make a Cabernet Sauvignon and a  Shiraz.

Goes with:
Goes With: We loved the pairing with pan-fried flounder, twice-baked potatoes, hush puppies and raw veggies. The wine and the meal were a perfect match: simple,  yet elegant. This wine also would pair well with mild seafood, pastas in cream sauce and mild cheese.


Just before dawn at Edisto Beach.

Another view of the sunrise.

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