A pretty good dinner. $3 for the wine and $1 for the Suddenly Salad.
A pretty good dinner. $3  for the wine and $1 for the Suddenly Salad.

Cutler Creek Cabernet Sauvignon |California
I t’s been a while since I visited my cheap wine bastard roots. I was in Bi-Lo last week sniffing out bargains in the meat aisle when I saw the display right there between the hamburger and the steaks. Cutler Creek for $3 with the Bi-Lo card. I said heck yes. When reviewing really cheap wine I always start with a label’s cabernet especially if it’s out of California. If they mess up a cab then I doubt they’ll get any other varietals right.
Bi-Lo also had Suddenly Salad, the pasta salad kit at 10 for $10. I’m on a cheap bastard roll.
So while making up a cheap and quick dinner with the caesar flavored Suddenly Salad I broke open the Cutler Creek Cabernet Sauvignon. I was also making some sourdough bread tomato crumpets. My beloved mother called bread topped with tomato and cheese crumpets. Usually she just took half an english muffin and toasted it with some butter under the broiler in her tiny toaster oven. Took that out, put a nice slice of cold tomato on it then covered it with cheese, usually muenster. I didn’t have an english muffin but I did have some sourdough mountain bread from Publix from our last Panini Night and covered it with fresh tomatoes from our garden and some Dubliner white cheddar. Yummy.
I digress. I sipped some of this wine as I started. I was surprised it doesn’t have a screw cap. It has one of the artificial corks. Mrs. Dan wasn’t home yet so I had a chance to determine if I might be endangering the domestic tranquility if I served this to her.
I was surprised. This wine didn’t suck. I was kind of disappointed. I haven’t disparaged a bad wine in a while. Now, it is not a great cab. Matter of fact I doubt I would have ID’ed this as a cab. It reminds me of some of the cheap red blends that seems to be popular. For one the mouthfeel is a bit watery. Well, maybe a bit smooth but not a hint of dryness. Second and third sips seem a bit lush. The flavors? Cherry.. maybe. Chocolate? Maybe. The texture is throwing me off. By now the tannins of a well made wine have shifted the taste buds along the sides of my mouth and I start tasting lots of stuff. This wine has no texture. But it doesn’t taste bad. Some might call this a sweet wine because it has no dryness to it.
CutlerCreek_08_25_2016bottleHere’s where it got weird. Mrs. Dan came home. I asked her to try it see what she thought. She said it wasn’t bad. She liked the slight tartness. Tartness? Maybe it was because she just finished nibbling on the Dubliner cheese. I ate some of the white cheddar and couldn’t find tartness. Not sure what her definition of tartness is. I finally admitted it was $2 and she said “Hmmmm. Not bad for that price.” I was thinking this might not be a great food wine since it doesn’t have much structure. It went nicely with the Suddenly Salad with the roast pork from last night tossed in. Nice with the crumpets. Didn’t change the flavor of the food nor did the food change the flavor of the wine. So it’s a boring food wine.
I thought it appropriate to use my BottleReport.com wine glass
I thought it appropriate to use my BottleReport.com wine glass

It isn’t exactly rising to the heights of a great cab. But for $3 I could pull this out after my Alabama and Clemson fan friends have polished off 2 bottles of the good stuff. They wouldn’t know the difference (they would have moved on to cheap beer by then anyway). I plan to stop by and get another bottle and maybe one of their whites. (My white wine vinegar pot needs refreshing and at $3 I can afford it).
I forgot to mention that this wine has no vintage. I did a Google search and found a liquor store that said this is a second label from Bent Creek Winery in Livermore California. That’s the same town listed on the bottle. Hey, left over wine has to go somewhere.



  1. Candace Lynn Savitz Reply

    I love this wine – Cutler Creek Cabernet
    Great Price too

  2. This Cutler Creek Cab has become my nightcap wine. Not really very present, but is very drinkable and @ 3/$10 at the Harvey’s around the corner, I might just have a couple glasses. Seems to pair well with my usual night time snacks…
    Whatever they are on any given night.

  3. Suzan Smith Reply

    I love the Chardonnay! Seriously! Where can i buy it besides Winn Dixie n FL? Is it always a grocery store wine?

  4. Johnny Angel Reply

    Best deal around for a decent cabernet and merlot, $3 a bottle at Winn Dixie, can’t beat it!!

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