July 8, 2020


Chemistry Pinot Gris 2019, Willamette Valley Cost: $13-15 I t amazes me that for an industry that is thousands of years old, there is always innovation going on in the world of wine. Sometimes it’s a different grape in a region, or a new technique or a new blend. They all work to help us wine consumers find something we like. And, as is the case with the Chemistry wines, the innovations often lead to lower prices. Oregon wines have captured the imagination of American wine drinkers over the past several years, but often we have to pay premium prices for the outstanding wines produced in the Willamette Valley. The Chemistry wines range from $14 to $20, and sometimes you can find them for a couple of dollars less. This is a joint venture between two of the best known Oregon wineries, Stoller and Chehalem, which make excellent premium wines.…

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