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Enjoying Wine and Beer in the Augusta GA area

Winter Ends Tuesday. Better Drink The Redneck Christmas Stout

RedNeck Christmas Stout with some nice cheap chili

RedNeck Christmas Stout with some nice cheap chili

RedNeck Christmas Stout with some nice cheap chili

RedNeck Christmas Stout with some nice cheap chili

Jekyll Brewing Redneck Christmas Stout | Alpharetta, GA |
Beer Brother Brett gave me a can of this back before Christmas at one of the burn pots. It, along with some other Winter brews, need to be consumed now that Spring is about to spring.

I exhausted myself collecting a ton of leaves and doing our neighborhood’s pre-Masters ritual: dodging the pinestraw vendors criss-crossing the neighborhood selling lots of pine straw that looks pretty good but in reality full of trash. I broke down and bought a couple bales and spread them out around the azeleas at the bottom of the driveway. After collecting 10 bags of leaves I was ready for a beer.

Mrs. Dan has spent the afternoon getting rid of the pine pollen from the back porch. She wanted a beer as well. I offer her a Jekyll RedNeck Christmas Stout and a Sam Adams Harvest Hefe. She was not impressed with the gaudy rednecky can with the Christmas-light adorned reindeer on the can. Me, I opened a Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy. But before I could take a sip she snatched it saying she didn’t like the Harvest Hefe. So, I drank the Harvest Hefe, which I like the various baking spices that’s in there. But I wanted something dark so I followed up with the Redneck Christmas Stout. It actually went nicely with some chili we made with a 99 cent jar of chili starter from Lidl mixed with some ground turkey I bought on sale at Bi-Lo. It was quite the meal.

I liked it. The label says chocolate, coffee and peppermint stout. Dominant flavor is the chocolate, with a roasty toasty yet sweet coffee flavor following up. I didn’t taste the peppermint. Maybe the sweet coffee didn’t turn dry up front like many coffee brews because of the peppermint. But it was dark and malty. The finish did turn slightly dry with more roasty toasty than chocolate. I was surprised it was 58 IBUs. Despite the rednecky can I think this is a nice little sipper. I don’t think I could drink more than one just because something that rich starts to fill you up and I’m trying to watch my waistline. (yeah, watching it grow). It was also 8% and after finishing the Harvest Hefe I was ready to sit a spell and unfortunately watch Auburn get their asses handed to them by Clemson. Well I kept out one more can of the Ode to Mercy and have it well hidden. If I don’t Mrs. Dan will snatch it. I might have to have it to celebrate Spring on Tuesday. Jekyll Brewing Website

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