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Want To Be A Wine Expert? This Free App Will Teach You


Do you think you’re a wine expert? Or do you want to become one?

A Chilean wine company has launched a fun new app for your cellphone or tablet that quizzes you about all things related to wines. The app is called Wine Expert, and is available for several platforms.

To download the free app, go to Buttons on the site will direct you to Google Play for an Android app, to the App Store for an Apple device and BlackBerry App World for that device.

Opening screen

Opening screen

The app was developed for Marques de Casa Concha, a collection of boutique-quality, single-vineyard wines from Concha y Toro, Chile’s premier wine company.

There are several worthwhile features on the app, but the most fun is the game. Each quiz consists of five questions and the faster you answer correctly, the more points you earn.

You start as a novice and can work your way up to connoisseur and then wine expert if you get enough points on a quiz.

Here’s a sample question: What type of wine is recommended with lean fish? 1. A full-bodied white. 2. A fresh, light white. 3. A robust red.

The correct answer is “A fresh, light white.” A full-bodied white would be better with fish that’s a little more oily, or fish with a cream sauce. A robust red should be saved for red meat.

An easier question

An easier question

And the answer

And the answer

I have had a lot of fun playing with the app. I started out slow as a novice, but quickly worked my way up to connoisseur, where I stayed for a dozen quizzes or so. I finally got fast enough and got all five answers right to become a wine expert. I currently rank 135th in the rankings with 44,973 points, but I have hopes of moving up.

I took a break from writing this and improved my score to 65,553, moving up to 93rd place. Turns out each quiz question is worth more points when you reach the wine expert level, but you have less time to answer. So I’m not sure what a perfect score is. If the max per question is 15,000, that would make it 75,000.

The person in first place has 71,100 points, and I’m moving up on him. I played again late at night and got up to 67,238 points, good for 76th place.

The higher your ranking, the tougher the questions get. Some questions are about which wine to pair with a certain food. Others are about soil, or where a certain grape is grown, or other specific information about wine regions around the world. After you enter your guess you get the correct answer and an explanation.

A tougher question

A tougher question

And the answer

And the answer

Like I said, very informative, and fun. It’s always nice when you can have fun while you’re learning something.

There also is a handy handbook section, which basically is an encyclopedia for wine. You will get a good education just reading through the sections on food-wine pairing, wine regions, varieties and several others. Each section has a series of notes on different aspects of the topic.

There is a guestbook, which is a chatroom. But unless you understand Spanish, you won’t get much out of it. I suspect most of the users are in Chile.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app and start learning. Let me know if you can beat my score.
Cost: $Free

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