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Enjoying Wine and Beer in the Augusta GA area

Tower of Power? Infusion Tower at WOB

The straight brew is on the left and the infused on the right.

The straight brew is on the left and the infused on the right.

Laguinitas IPA So, it’s Friday afternoon and it’s been a week. I decided to meet Beer Brother Mark for a beer at World of Beer on Washington Road. Its time to try the Infusion Tower where they have the same brew coming down two pipes, one through an infusion chamber, the other straight into the glass.

You can order an infusion flight, basically 8 oz pours from each tap so you can compare.

On tap tonight is Lagunitas IPA. The infusion is orange slices. For a West Coast IPA I can drink Lagunitas (They are out of Petaluma, CA). It’s bitter but not super bitter and has a slight sweet edge as it drifts off to just a slight bitter finish… long lingering. The reason I can enjoy this IPA is they add some Caramel Malt to it to provide a bit more richness. “Mellows out the twang of the hops” according to their website. This is a drinkable IPA.

Orange slices in the infusion chamber

Orange slices in the infusion chamber

Add the infusion and it has orange flavor and a bit more sweetness. I was expecting maybe some citrus twang but none detected. I would swear there’s bit of coriander in the flavor but I was promised by the waitress and manager Brett Williams that there’s on oranges in there. The bitter finish isn’t so lingering and is much lighter. Now the natural orange lingers.

The head on the infused beer was a bit more subdued.

They routinely rotate out the brews so I’ll have to stop by and try something new next week.

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