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Enjoying Wine and Beer in the Augusta GA area

Kicking Back with a Blue Moon Pumpkin

Kicking back during the Auburn-Ole Miss game

Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat For the past few years I typically had pumpkin brews while watching Auburn play football. Since I didn’t enjoy the pumpkin beers so much last year…. not that I didn’t like the beers, I didn’t like the games…. I decided to try other seasonal brews like an Oktoberfest and harvest brews. Well heck. I saw the Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat at Publix and bought a single. I think I paid $1.99. Still cheaper than a bar.

Brother Charlie was at the game. He had the advantage of watching it live. I had the advantage of drinking a beer.

It also gave me the idea to finally share my photos from a year ago when we visited the new Blue Moon Tasting Room/Brewery in Denver during their soft open. They didn’t have all their taps flowing up front but they had some brews starting up in their production facility in the back.

The food was good and their sewer pipe tables were cool as hell. I digress. I need to talk about his brew then jump into the details. Heck it’s been a year so what’s another few paragraphs or two.

This is one of the sweetest pumpkin brews I’ve had in a long time. IPA lovers would hate this brew. Pumpkin and baking spices right up front. Cinnamon and probably allspice. Fairly smooth, super clear, gotta be filtered. Nice bourbon amber color. If this was more a malt brew than a wheat brew I think it would be too sweet and slimy smooth.

It had a long baking spice finish that lingered for some time. Stayed nice and sweet, not trailing off to that dry tannic mouthfeel that cinnamon can have. The profile didn’t change much between being served in a chilled glass and after it warmed up. Maybe a little less sweet and more baking spices as it warmed. Some crispness from the wheat backbone to remind you it’s a wheat ale.

I know they typically change up their harvest seasonal each year a bit. I like this one for sure.

And the best part is that Auburn beat Ole Miss 44-23.

Now back to Denver. We were in Denver to attend a family reunion on Mrs. Dan’s side. We ventured out to Avery in Boulder (I can live there), to Golden to visit Coors (and Blue Moon), Great Divide and every little brew pub in between.

We had just gotten back from Golden when we stopped by their new brewery at 3750 Chestnut Place in Denver. That’s in the RiNo area (River North Art District to us outsiders). Blue Moon had started in Denver at the Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field in 1995. They were really always part of Coors (Now MillerCoors), they just started producing beer under the Blue Moon name. You can still visit the Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field (unfortunately we didn’t make it by).

This brewhouse/tap house/restaurant is huge. What stands out is a huge blue moon over the circular bar nestled between 2 rows of huge concrete sewer pipes. That doesn’t sound appetizing. How about huge concrete water pipes. Anyway they took 1,800 lb. 6-foot concrete pipes and put tables in them and wired them with lights. Look at the photos. They are cool as hell. I wish I could put one in my backyard. The homeowner’s association would have a duck.

They have 2 rows of 1,800 lb. pipes with tables inside

They have quite the brewery in the back. They can easily supply all the brew for this taproom and probably have enough kegs for around town. In the middle of the brewery area is a glass-walled event room for meetings and receptions. That’s the place to have a babyshower. There is a self-guided tour through the facility.

We were there in late July, about a month or so before their official open. They had been open for about a week. The food was very good (very simple menu). The brew selection was pretty good despite they were still adding taps. They had 10 brews on tap ranging from their flagship Belgian White to West Coast IPA, Cappuccino Stout, down to Belgian Dubbel and English Amber. I’m sure they’ve filled those taps in the circular tap bar with many more brews since then.

The perfect orange slice

Or course I had to have the Belgian White with the perfect orange slice it in. After a long day of in-laws and a 10-year-old it tasted good. It might not be a craft beer but it’s got ingredients like a craft beer with a grain bill of malted barley, white wheat, orange peel, coriander and oats. We also tried the English Brown Ale, Belgian Dubbel, the Belgian Table Pils and the 20th Anniversary. All good.

The menu that night included grilled skirt steak, garlicky chicken (my favorite), lamb sirloin and the Blue Moon burger. The roast fingerling potatoes were great.

The blue moon over the circular bar

The huge blue moon is suspended from the ceiling over a circular bar. It has lights that appear to tinkle when you walk around. There is a large outdoor sitting area. When the weather is nice the front opens up so you can walk in and out. There are some “bar rail” tables for drinking that use huge railroad rails for foot rests. They have to weigh 500 lbs. I would love to have one of those as well.

I found it interesting that Blue Moon was originally Bellyslide when it start at the ballpark back in 1995. According to their website one of their admins said “You know, a beer that tastes this good comes around only once in a blue moon.” Rest is history.

Now Beer Brother Mark chastised me for drinking corporate beer during our vacation but it was worth the scolding. If in Denver I recommend a stop at their RiNo brewery. Next time I hit Denver I’ll check out the Sandlot, but probably after stopping by RiNo first.

Easy to find. Chestnut and 38th.

The Rail Tables

You see part of the brewhouse from the restaurant

When the doors are open you can walk in and out

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