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Enjoying Wine and Beer in the Augusta GA area

Make mine a Green Zombie

Posted on Mar 17, 2016 in Brews, Cheap Bastard, Featured, On Tap | 0 comments

Catawba Brewing White Zombie White Ale | Morganton, NC Now that I live in the rarified air of Columbia County I can appreciate that they...

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A Winter Blend. Thank God it’s warm outside

Posted on Dec 20, 2015 in Cheap Bastard, Featured | 0 comments

It was $6 at Kroger. I couldn’t resist. A limited release as well. Hot dog! Now I’m glad it’s warm outside and too warm...

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Rocky Block is better than Rocky Top

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 in Cheap Bastard, Featured | 0 comments

Being a cheap wine bastard I buy a lot of boxed wine. Some are bad (Vin Vault) and some are good. Botabox (except for their 1.5 liter...

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American Born on the Fourth of July

Posted on Jul 4, 2015 in Cheap Bastard, Featured | 0 comments

American Born Moonshine Original and American Born Moonshine Dixie | Nashville Tennessee What’s more natural than having a nip of...

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Love Trees and Photography? Try a Red Crush

Posted on May 4, 2015 in Cheap Bastard, Featured | 0 comments

Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend 2012 | North Coast, California I have had Red Crush before at several areas tastings. I’ve always...

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Frozen Black Hawk Not a Crime

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 in Brews, Cheap Bastard, Featured | 0 comments

Mendocino Black Hawk Select Stout | Saratoga Springs, New York This review is fraught with danger. I hate to review a brew under these...

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