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Enjoying Wine and Beer in the Augusta GA area

Anniversary-Reformation Tap Takeover-The Hive-May 4

Jonathan Rizzi and Eric Kinlaw

Jonathan Rizzi and Eric Kinlaw

The Hive celebrated its 3rd anniversary with a Reformation Brewing Tap Takeover. They called it “May the Fourth Be With Brew” So if you figured it out it will be a Star Wars theme affair. The idea for the Star Wars theme came from Reformation Brewing which has done about 10 of them across the state. There was a Light Side and a Dark Side to the takeover.

On the Light Side was: Alani “The Lighthearted” Rosé Ale
(a very new brew); Sabine “The Seeker” Saison; Oren “Wan Kenobi” IPA; Haddy “Solo” Wit and “Jedi” Jude Tripel.

On the Dark Side: Nolan “The Wanderer” IPA: “Death” Stark Reserve Porters; “Sith” Cadence Dubbel; Barrel-Aged “Sith” Cadence Reserve Dubbel and Declaration “Destroyer” Stout.

From the Light Side to the Dark Side

Stay tuned for more details about this great takeover. Mrs. Dan and I bought 5oz pours of all ten and want to share our notes.

Where: The Hive
215 Tenth Street
Augusta, GA 30901
When: Friday, May 4, 2018. 5 until closing.
The Hive Website

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